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The newsletter is a monthly publication of information related and beneficial to previous clients and prospects alike. The content focuses on how to apply the principal of "healthy habits lead to a happy life" through commonly available resources. Learn how you can incorporate some of these tools to manage stress levels or combat chronic pain and get back to feeling your best.

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Newsletter for February 2024

A healthy heart is essential to living a happy life. Explore 5 habits I like to practice in order to keep excellent cardiovascular health. Meet the extraordinary Crem Morris, my new favorite personal trainer, and connect with her by learning more about Q Fitness and Wellness. 

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Newsletter for January 2024

Another year has passed and a fresh start is once again upon us. So many things have changed since our last newsletter. Island City Massage has officially join the small businesses in the vibrant neighborhood of Plaza Midwood in Charlotte, North Carolina. Check out how the new studio is developing and see the goals for this New Year. 

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Newsletter for September 2023

In this newsletter you were introduced to Bruce Churchill, a fantastic licensed massage therapist in the Fort Lauderdale area. This also marked the last chance for people to book a massage in Florida. The studio officially closed its doors on Wednesday, September, 13th. 

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Newsletter for August 2023

An official announcement of closing at the end of summer is confirmed. Clients with chronic pain and other medical conditions are highly encourage to continue their treatments by seeing Dr. Rafael Sierra at PowerSource Chiropractic.

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Newsletter for July 2023

Did you know? Exercising or working hard, especially in the heat can lead to muscle cramps. Learn a few ways to combat those tightening muscles and stay flexible all summer long.

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Newsletter for June 2023

The "Don't Say Gay" bill, officially known as Florida House Bill 1557, was signed into law on February 24, 2022 making it illegal and restricting the education of LGBTQ topics in the state's public schools.

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Newsletter for May 2023

The month of May is all about Mother's Day. In this newsletter you will meet an extraordinary family that takes amazing care of each other. See how you can incorporate some of their healthy habits into your own routines.

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Newsletter for April 2023

Taking care of Earth is the focus of this month and it's important to listen up. See how going for an afternoon walk or a weekend hike is beneficial to your overall health. Check out a quick video depicting the status of Fort Lauderdale Beach.

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Newsletter for March 2023

The Spring has arrived and self-care is like tending to a garden. On this newsletter we explore topics related to how massage therapy can help support those goals as you come out of hibernation. 

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Newsletter for February 2023

Frequent exercise is robustly associated with a decrease in cardiovascular mortality as well as the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Explore the ways massage therapy can help you in staying physically active. 

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Newsletter for January 2023

Taking ownership of our healing processing can sometimes be the most challenging part of it all. On this newsletter you will learn about healing from a first-person's perspective and the steps taken to return to a healthy body.

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Newsletter for December 2022

As the year comes to an end, it's important to reflect and take inventory of all the good things in our lives. Let us pause, take a moment to breathe and think about all the love surrounding us. 

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Newsletter for November 2022

The autumn season is one of the most fun and beautiful times of the year, but can also be a hectic time of stress and less-than-healthy decisions leading into the holidays. This makes it more important than ever to create balance with a self-care routine and an active lifestyle.

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Newsletter for October 2022

Spooky season is finally here. During this month, the studio's door will be decorated for a contest to win a $50 Gift Card. Everyone is encouraged to bring candy to the studio's ghost. 

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Newsletter for September 2022

Volunteering is a great way to build a healthier community, develop empathy and invest in our mental health. Especially since the pandemic, people have never felt more isolated from others. See how you can find more ways to connect.

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