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El Chisme! also known as Island News 🏝️🗞️

The newsletter is a digital monthly publication that shares related and beneficial information to previous clients and prospects alike. The content focuses on how to apply the principal of "healthy habits lead to a happy life" through commonly available resources such as chiropractors, personal trainers, estheticians and other healthcare professionals. Learn how you can incorporate some of these tools to manage stress levels or combat chronic pain and get back to feeling your best.

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Upper Back Ice Pack

A lot of the aches and pains we experience in our day-to-day can be traced back to how we carry our heads. All day we are looking down at phones, papers, our feet and all sorts of things which takes a toll on the supporting muscles of our neck. Often this can lead to headaches and back pain. This product is designed to wrap around the shoulders and provide cold therapy to soothe these overworked muscles.

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Inversion Table

This table is an excellent solution, especially for tall individuals, when it comes to addressing persistent back pain. I've tried numerous tables, and this model has to be one of the best worldwide. It includes a heating feature and a massage function, making it truly a masterpiece in the realm of health and wellness products.

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Massage Gun

The most important thing when using a massage gun is knowing where to apply pressure to avoid hurting yourself. Aim for the fleshy parts of your muscles, like the middle of your biceps or the top of your glutes, these are safe areas. Avoid using the gun on your feet, hands, or directly on your neck.

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Collagen Powder

Adding this supplement to my daily routine was easy and absolutely worth it. The taste of the formula is delicious and goes well with my creamer. Taking care of our skin begins with our nutrition and having a good source of collagen is very important. This is honestly the easiest solution I have found to adding collagen to my morning routine.

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Krill Oil

An important aspect of everyday health is a reliable Omega-3 supplement. Fish oil has been the go-to source for Omega-3’s for years, but the large pills and occasionally fishy aftertaste have turned people off of these very helpful supplements. That is why I recommend Krill Oil, which provides those important omega-3 fatty acids in a more convenient and potent form.

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Large Ice Pack

Alleviate pain and swelling using natural heat and cold compression. I use this as a microwave heating pad and as cold pack. Make sure to place cloth between your skin and gel pack to avoid ice burn.

It's normal to feel soreness after a deep tissue massage and that's why I always encourage clients to invest in a good ice pack. 


My Art Ritual is Self Care

We all know that making art can uplift our spirits but did you know that art has been found to have a positive impact on pain management. When we immerse ourselves in creative activities, it can enhance our mood, reduce the perception of pain and even increase the production of antibodies and immune cells, leading to better overall health.

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