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Over-the-counter pain relievers can help treat a variety of sports injuries and similar issues. Here are my favorite solutions to alleviate chronic pain with ice packs, topical creams and natural remedies.

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Neck Pillow

Are you having headaches, or shoulder pain? Well, it could be a literal pain in the neck. In our modern world, most people are forced to stare down at their phones or desks for much longer than our necks are designed to, which can lead to tension that can cause pain from our heads to down our spines. This uniquely shaped pillow gently cradles the neck and uses pressure point balls as tools to help stimulate the circulation in the neck and shoulders.

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Large Ice Pack

When it comes to pain relief, hot and cold therapy are tried and true methods for reducing inflammation and providing relief. Cold therapy has been shown to work well for long-term recovery, with its more potent inflammation reduction effects. The size of this ice pack is perfect for those lower back and mid back aches.

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This is a personal favorite of mine. It is called a cryosphere and it is a great way to ice those stubborn aches and pains.

This icing tool is always at the ready in my freezer for when I need a light massage with additional cold application. I highly recommend this item. It also does an insanely good job at staying cold. It's nothing short of magic.

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Lower Back Pillow

Stubborn aches and pains sometimes ask for a bit more adjustment to your sleeping position than we can achieve with our standard bedding. Frequently during treatments, I will advise you to sleep with your feet elevated or with a pillow between your legs, and this pillow does the trick in a compact package.

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When the ache of an overused muscle needs a little extra, well, "muscle behind it", the natural cooling effect of this menthol-based topical from Biofreeze is a reliable solution. I personally prefer the roll-on application as it combines a gentle massaging pressure while keeping things mess-free.

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Epsom Salt

For hundreds of years, the go-to advice when you are feeling aches and pains is to take a nice long Epson salt bath, and it’s easy to see why. There is nothing quite like lighting a few candles, putting on some chill music, pouring some Epson salt in a warm bath and letting the aches and pains dissolve into the water. 

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Migraine Mask

A typical headache can be debilitating, and then there is the dreaded migraine. Those of us who are subjected to migraines know just how intensely they can come on and the deep need for relief. This face mask-ice pack combo addresses the two main symptoms of a migraine: intense pain and sensitivity to light.

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Heating Pad

This is the item I recommend the most often. When healing an injury, it's important to keep the flow of fresh blood to the area. I usually go on and on about how our circulation is much like the tides in the ocean. This particular heating pad is large and has multiple heat levels. It's really nice and I highly recommend having one by the side of your bed. 

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Upper Back Ice Pack

A lot of the aches and pains we experience in our day-to-day can be traced back to how we carry our heads. All day we are looking down at phones, papers, our feet and all sorts of things which takes a toll on the supporting muscles of our neck. Often this can lead to headaches and back pain. This product is designed to wrap around the shoulders and provide cold therapy to soothe these overworked muscles.

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Shoulder Ice Pack

This shoulder ice pack is the best solution I've found for patients recovering from rotator cuff injuries. The reusable shoulder wrap is a large gel ice pack with straps for comfort and stability. Common conditions that can benefit from this are tendonitis, bursitis, and during recovery after surgery.

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Side Sleeper Pillow

We spend 1/3rd of our lives asleep, yet most people will say sleeping is one of their biggest challenges. A big part of this is simply not getting the support we need while we sleep. For many people, a more specialized pillow is needed to cradle the head in a way that can reduce tension and allow for much better quality sleep. Try finding the perfect pillow for you to keep that spine nice and straight through the night.

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Krill Oil

An important aspect of everyday health is a reliable Omega-3 supplement. Omega-3 fatty acids, including DHA and EPA, are essential for joint, cardiovascular, and mental health. Fish oil has been the go-to source for Omega-3’s for years, but the large pills and occasionally fishy aftertaste have turned people off of these very helpful supplements. That is why I recommend Krill Oil, which provides those important omega-3 fatty acids in a more convenient and potent form. 

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