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Tools of the Trade

As a licensed massage therapist, it is extraordinary to see all the ways technology has evolved help us with joint health, flexibility and our overall quality of life. I use these tools regularly and often recommend them to my patients. 

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Massage Gun

This is the most requested recommendation that I'm asked. As a licensed massage therapist, I have worked with several massage guns and can confidently say that they are not all made equal. After burning out a third massage gun I figured it was time to do some research. This is my favorite massage gun because it packs a lot of power in a small size. It's no joke when they say that big things come in small packages. 

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If there's something that I'm obsessed with it is definitely staying on top of the diffuser. To me, there's no better way to settle down after a long workday than with aromatherapy. I love it. My go-to essential oil is lavender but it doesn't end there. My collection is always growing and I encourage you to explore the different ways aromatherapy can add to your home or work environment. 

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Massage Table

Whether you're a professional massage therapist or not, a massage table is always a good accessory to keep readily available. Like a great massage gun, a table should be easy to use, made with durable materials and be well priced. To me, this is an excellent solution for a massage table at a very reasonable price. All the usual massage table parts including the carry bag are included. The color of the table is very nice and it's relatively light in weight.

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Gua Sha Tool

This soft tissue massage tool was developed to assist in effective relief of adhesions and scarring brought on by injuries, and overuse of muscles. I most recently learned how to use this tool to develop a more define jaw line. I also love to slightly heat this tool and use it on my forearms. The pressure combined with the heat makes the tension melt right away.

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Healthy Air

Having clean air has never been more important than now. This amazing fan is also among the best air purifiers in the world. The quality of the air that we consume is essential to our quality of life. Being made by Dyson, you know it is a quality product that will last for years. I bought my unit in 2018 and it still works well. The filters are very simple to replace and can also be ordered on Amazon. You can download an app that tracks the historical usage data and remaining filter life.

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Neck Massager

One of the greatest things about this shiatsu massager is that is travel friendly. Enjoy a rejuvenating massage even on the go with this massager pillow. Great for road trips, traveling, camping, car use, the office and more. It comes in a wonderful leather pouch for hassle free carrying and storage. I use this similar to a heating pad. It's great to keep around and add to your bedtime routine.  

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Hot Stones Kit

With this hot stone massage kit, I am able to provide a spa level treatment in the comfort of my client's home. Included are 6 large and 6 small round shaped Basalt Massaging Rocks. In addition, there is a digital heat control on the bag.

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Yoga Mats

These durable, yet lightweight exercise yoga mats are extra thick for the additional cushioning your joints need during any yoga or fitness routine.The yoga mats feature a reversible design on a textured non-slip surface for excellent traction and superior grip.

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Yoga Blocks

Massage therapy is the cousin of yoga and I always encourage everyone to incorporate a weekly yoga class into their lives. I use these yoga blocks all the time to provide me with the stability and balance needed in my yoga practice.They are lightweight and the best part is that they are adorable. With tons of options, you can choose the art that suits your yoga style. 

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Inversion Table

Having lower back pain is among the most popular reasons for coming to get a massage. Almost every person that has lower back issues can benefit from inverting. This inversion table has an amazing heating feature in addition to being well built. There's no better way to regularly decompress our lower back than by inverting. Populations that can benefit the most are athletes, tall people or anyone with chronic lower back pain. This is a natural way to recover and bring flexibility back into your hips and lower back.  

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Massage Chair

I came across this product after falling and breaking a one. This is mostly for licensed massage therapists working remotely. When working at a client's home, you can't expect them to have a chair for you to use. The folding massage chair is well made and can safely hold me. It is very lightweight and has a hook making it easy to carry.

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Foot Massager

This foot massage machine is designed to provide a comprehensive and comfortable massage with 3 kneading and 3 squeeze intensities that can be adjusted to personal preference. The foot massager machine is equipped with a rotation ball, rolling stick, heating and offers a Shiatsu style foot massage. Please note this item is not for foot bath use. No remote control. Not for people who are highly sensitive to squeeze and kneading.

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