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Be it a vibrant Wellness Party, an exhilarating Sporting Event, a Corporate Retreat or a cherished Girls’ Self-Care Day - integrating massage demonstrations can offer an unparalleled experience, seamlessly intertwining time to socialize with the indulgence of well-deserved pampering.

When you book a massage demonstration, each participant receives a full body massage without the use of any oil or the need to undress. Massage demonstrations are short treatments that engage large groups in fun yet helpful ways. A space of at least 10 feet by 10 feet is required for a massage table. On average, a each person receives a 10-15 minute massage.

Corporate Wellness

Build a better office environment with an employee benefit that reduces stress and overall tension. Now you can turn that an old conference space into an on-site massage room to see how a few minutes of peace can add to the team's creativity, collaboration and overall performance. 

02:30 PM
Please be sure your event meets te following criteria:

Thank you for helping bring wellness to the world. ❤️ 🌎

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