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Whether you want a Swedish, Deep Tissue, or a fancy-pants Hot Stones Massage, it's all only $99 an hour. 

No gimmicks, No add-ons, No fuss

Let's face it, finding a top-notch massage therapist in the Fort Lauderdale or Wilton Manors area is like finding a needle in a haystack. If you're a returning client then you already know that. For those of you new to the practice, please explore the other areas of this website to learn more about qualifications and other important information about your new favorite massage therapist. 


Swedish Massage

The most common style of massage therapy in the west. This treatment is great for first-timer, vacationers, travelers and those looking for a relaxing experience.

90 Minutes - $149
60 Minutes - $99


Deep Tissue Massage

An excellent modality for athletes and active adults. This full-body therapy is a result-oriented treatment that targets areas of primary focus to improve the range of motion and flexibility.

90 Minutes - $149

60 Minutes - $99


Sports Massage

Specific application of massage techniques, hydrotherapy protocols, range of motion/flexibility protocol and strength-training principles are used to achieve a specific goal. Athletes most often benefit from these treatments pre-events, post-events, during recovery, during a maintenance period or when rehabilitating from an injury.

90 Minutes - $149
60 Minutes - $99


Hot Stones Massage

Smooth and heated Basalt River Rocks are placed in water with essential oils and then used throughout the body to create the ultimate relaxation experience.

90 Minutes - $149
60 Minutes - $99

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